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Smart Wiring© technology may be used in any vehicle, or any system that uses 12V power. This includes auto, agricultural equipment and recreational vehicles. It replaces traditional multi-wire harnesses, relays, fuses, and flasher cans with solid-state, micro controller modules. Smart Wiring© products sense the current through an accessory and automatically shuts down the circuit in the case of a short circuit.

All modules are water, dust and vibration resistant. Input and data connectors are OEM grade and water proof.

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Pro Electric basic:

Available soon:

The Pro-Electric© basic is a single box that has 18 input and 18 solid state output circuits. Pro-Electric© basic does not need any fuses for the 18 outputs. Ultra fast real time current monitoring replaces the need for single use, slow; thermally activated fuses. Same high tech features as our previous systems but in a single box. More Value added features will be available than ever before.

Pro Signal EXtended System:

Available now:

The new EX system can replace a legacy harness in basic Hot Rods like a '32 Ford, a truly high-tech wiring system. The Pro Signal EX© consists of four modules, the Input Module has twelve inputs and is mounted under the dash; inputs connect to the dashboard and steering column controls and indicators. Power-handling Output Modules are located around the vehicle distributing power to accessories. Chose an optional Engine Module and you have a complete solid state electrical system.

Value added features for the EX include SCT Self Canceling Turn signals set at 90 seconds. Updated module Fault Status LED indicates which accessories have shorted. Also, non essential circuits will suspend during engine cranking to provide more current for starting; flashers and brake lights will continue to operate. Fog lights will suspend when high beams are turned on, some states require this.

Download Pro Signal EX user manual   

Pro Signal Basic System:

Available now:

Most builders buy a commercial wiring kit for the fuse panel which contains pre wired flasher, turn and braking functions. The remainder of the fuse panel is mostly independent fused circuits. Now you have a choice on how to wire your vehicle, the Pro-Signal replaces those pre wired functions allowing you to wire your vehicle to your needs. With the Pro Signal Basic and a few fused circuits a vehicle can be quickly wired to your needs.

The Pro Signal Basic© consists of three modules, the Control Module has seven inputs and is mounted under the dash. Power-handling Output Modules are located at the front and back distributing power to lights.

The Pro Signal Basic© system controls left, right, front, rear turn signals, flasher functions, brake and park lights along with horn, dash indicators and back-up lights.

Download Pro Signal Basic user manual   

Pro Mono:

Available now:

Designed for ATVs, Golf Carts, Tractors and other short vehicles that need turn signals. Choose between self cancelling turn signals or use your mechanical turn cancelling.

The Pro Mono©  turn signal module has Smart Wiring solid state technology and controls left, right turn, flasher functions, brake and parking lights. Pro Mono© components may be used along-side legacy fuse systems to meet any vehicle wiring requirements. Pro Mono is a standalone unit.

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Smart Wiring© components may be used along-side legacy fuse systems to meet any vehicle wiring requirements.

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